Carlos Teixeira
  • Position: Managing Partner

  • Expert in: Finance, Accounting

  • Experiences: 35 years

  • Email: carlos@helpingbusinesses.com

  • Phone 416-535-8846 (ext.221)

Professional experience

Born in Luanda, Africa, to Azorean natives, Carlos’ family moved in 1961 to Toronto. Carlos met his wife Margaret while he was at York University; when she was pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, while Carlos was pursuing a business degree. They now have four sons. Carlos currently runs Teixeira Accounting Firm, established in 1973 by his late father David Soul Teixeira.

As a founding member of the Portuguese Canadian Golf Association and as a member of the FPCBP Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business & Professional (FPCBP) Carlos’ vision for the Portuguese Canadian community is that younger generations, who had the benefit of a Canadian education and experience work together to build a stronger and more pro-active Portuguese Canadian community.

My experiences over my lifetime has led me to the current position as the Managing Partner for Teixeira. I graduated in the Mid-eights from York University with First Class Standing with Distinction and on the Dean’s list for my final year at York University carrying a Grade Point Average of 9 (Top).

I was gifted to have 7 job interviews and 7 job offers. I had the choice to work with the largest public accounting firms or selected one of the smaller public account firms. My time as a “student in accounts” allowed me to be in the top decile with one of the largest public accounting firms in Canada.

I run my firm with the “Dogma” : Just & Fair:
Just refers to an action justified under the circumstance.
Fair Fair refers to an action that treats people as they want to be treated.
This refers to the Golden Rule “Treat others as you would like others to tread you”